Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Dazzle Dry Calypso Romance Review + Swatches

Afternoon dolls! Today I've got a looooooooooong overdue post for you of an incredible nail care system from Dazzle Dry.

Dazzle Dry is an amazing, eco-friendly and Vegan nail care/color system. It's also Big 4 Free (that means no DBP, Toluene, Camphor and Formaldehyde) and interestingly enough, is the only polish out that is Nitrocellulose free. Nitrocellu-what?! If you're like me, as soon as scientifc words get thrown around my brain starts drifting, but after reading that it was the ONLY polish without it I had to look it up. After a bit of detective work, I found out that Nitrocellulose is a highly flammable compound which is used in certain gunpowders and dynamite. .....What? That's definitely a huge plus for me about Dazzle Dry. The Dazzle Dry system also offers UV protection which is fabulous for my nails in the Florida sun.

The first step of the Dazzle Dry Treatment System is the nail prep. All you do is drop a few drops on to a cotton ball and swipe over each nail. You end up with a nice, clean surface that allows for the polish to adhere better. Next up, they have a sticky basecoat which also allows the polish to stay on better and to last longer. Last, but certainly not least we have the holy grail of top coats. I'm not even joking around when I tell you that you'll never want to use another top coat again. Dazzle Dry's top coat dries rock hard in literally 5 minutes or less and stays super shiny without any shrinkage, smearing or any terrible smell. The top coat really gives it an amazing wear time and can be used with any type of polish! I wore this mani for almost 6 days without any chipping, fading at the tips or nicks in the polish!

Now on to the polish! The polish I've got for you gals today is Calypso Romance, a gorgeous purple/pink with a stunning blue shimmer undertone. I can easily say that I don't have any other color like this in my collection, mainstream or Indie, and if you don't either it's one to pick up ASAP! 


Seriously, just look at the bottle and watch that baby shimmer! Overall, Dazzle Dry is an extremely stand out company in my eyes. I know I'm not the healthiest person on the planet, but it makes me feel a bit better knowing that what I'm painting my nails with isn't full of toxins.

You can purchase the Dazzle Dry 3 Piece Nail System for $28.50, Dazzle Dry Nail Colors for $9.00 or even just the Dazzle Dry Top Coat for $12.50 (here) at their store. They also sell remover, thinner and have a great app where you can "try on" the polish with your skin tone before you commit to buying! How cool!

Purchase: Dazzle Dry Store

Do you have any Dazzle Dry colors? What are your favorites? If you're a first timer, any colors you'll be picking up? That's all for now dolls! Come back tomorrow for another Go Pink Wednesday!

*The products in this post were sent for an honest review. All opinions are my own.*


  1. Kelly - Peace Love LacquerOctober 9, 2012 1:22 PM

    Oooooo! That color is amazing!!

    1. Kim (College Polished)October 9, 2012 1:23 PM

      Seriously made me drool LOL