Thursday, November 15, 2012

365 Days of Color Holiday Collection Trio Swatches + Review

GOOD MORNING DOLLS!! Today I have a VERY exciting post for you guys! I'm sure by now you all know good and well how much I love 365 Days of Color polishes. Sunny's entire line is gorgeous and incredibly unique, but her new Holiday Collection blew my freaking mind. 

Not only are they gorgeous colors perfect for the holiday season, but THEY'RE SCENTED! Scented you say? What about a topcoat? Don't worry your pretty manicured fingers, they scent is still amazing even with a topcoat. Ooooooh yes. Let's jump right in.

First up, we've got Santa Baby, the most perfect red jelly. Santa Baby is a bright red jelly filled with the perfect amount of small red and white hexes and different sized white squares. This was the lightest of the three scents in my opinion but I could smell the candy canes and a bit of sweetness! 

 Three coats on my middle and ring, and two on my pointer and pinky just to show that it is buildable without a base!

Next, we've got Gimme Some Bubbly, a sheer gold polish with a STUNNING gold shimmer and different size gold glitters. One word - dead. This is probably one of my Top 3 polishes that Sunny has ever created. Gimme Some Bubbly has a delicious scent that is the twin sister to Victoria's Secret Strawberries and Champagne perfume/sprays which is perfect since I just got a bottle from a sale they had ;) 

For the pictures, I chose to go ahead and give you some options. On my pointer and ring fingers is Gimme Some Bubbly shown on it's own with three coats. Then on my middle and pinky fingers is two coats of GSB over two coats of China Glaze Champagne Bubbles. LOL what a perfect base for this polish!

I saved my absolute favorite for last. Usually I put my favorites first, but I wanted you to have these stunning images in your head when you purchase them! Trimming the Tree is the most amazing green crelly (jelly polish that builds into a cream) that fills the air with the smell of pine needles. Seriously, you won't find a polish that reminds you of a Christmas tree like this unless you buy a real one.

Like I said, Trimming the Tree is a beautiful forest green, crelly base sprinkled with tan/bronze, brown and green hex glitter to finish it off. I couldn't stop sniffing my fingers and I made all the girls in my nail tech class smell them too, like a total creep LOL. They loved it though!

The best part of this post is that Sunny is planning on opening up shop with these beauties THIIIIIIIIS Friday November 16th where you can grab a full size for $8.00 or a mini for $4.50!

Overall, this is an outstanding collection and Sunny really knocked this one out of the park. If you were only going to choose one, I would say go with Gimme Some Bubbly because it's perfect all year long and you can never go wrong with a good gold!

Stay up to date at the 365 Days of Color Facebook to get a for sure time when these will be live on Friday & bookmark 365 Days of Color Store ahead of time!

*Products in this post were provided for review. All opinions are my own.*


  1. Tall Girl In HeelsNovember 15, 2012 at 4:01 PM

    Your pictures!!! O_O great post.

  2. Omg Santa Baby looks so jelly and yummy :D

  3. I just ordered the set of minis, I can't wait to try them!