Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Try It On Tuesday: Butter London Bossy Boots + Cheetah Nail Art

Hello again my lovely readers! Sorry for the lack of posts this past week, but never fear I'm here again :)  The Christmas in July giveaway was a HUUUUUUGE success, so hello to all my new readers and hello to the familiar faces! I've got a lot of great ideas for some nail art and tutorials thanks to you guys so let's start that off tonight!

This week's mani features Butter London's Bossy Boots as the base(which I won from Traci over at The Trace Face Philes), China Glaze Foie Grass and Wet n Wild French White Creme for the cheetah, and Julep Oscar for the glitter gradient.

Butter London describes Bossy Boots as "a light, opaque pistachio green" which cannot be more spot on. This is one of my top colors for summer so I had to try it out! Cheetah is my FAVORITE print of all time and it's one of my favorite types of nail art so I thought it would be perfect for this mani. I originally was going to do a stamped cheetah mani, but unfortunately my stamper is MIA so that'll be another day. 

For the cheetah print, all I did was take my smallest dotting tool and make white dots on my nail. They don't have to be perfect dots, and I actually prefer them to be a little misshapen just like a normal cheetah's spots. Then once the dots are dry, you can take either a toothpick or a small dotting tool and draw semi-circles around the dots in a contrasting color and VOILA! Now, before you put the top coat on you MUST wait until it's 100% dry or the outer polish will smear and you'll have wasted your time. For the glitter, I just painted a little bit on a makeup sponge and dabbed it on and threw a few teardrop jewels on and I was done. Simple, classy and gorgeous -- just how I like it!

Here's a link of the lovely ladies doing Try It on Tuesday: here!

That's it for tonight girls. What are some of YOUR untried polishes? Feel free to post a pic on College Polished's Facebook

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    how fun!!