Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Try It On Tuesday: Essie Lights + No Place Like Chrome

Good evening ladies! Here we are again, another Try It On Tuesday night! I announced on my Facebook page earlier this morning some really exciting news. I'll be moving, again, but for good reasons! In addition to starting my senior year for my pre-law degree in August, I'll also be starting nail tech school to get my license! It's always been my dream to work in a salon, so now is the perfect opportunity to get my license and work at a salon to save some money during law school. Anyways, on to tonight's mani! For this mani, I used Essie's Lights and No Place Like Chrome from their new Mirror Metallic's collection.

Lights is a bright pink neon which is super hot right now for the summer! The formula was a dream to apply, but it was a little bit thin so I needed three coats for full opacity. No Place Like Chrome is the second metallic chrome polish that's made me fall in love! I received this beauty from the lovely Sandra at Pretty and Polished Pointers from the pen pal program. She's a super sweet lady with long, gorgeous nails. Go show her some love for me and enter her giveaway she's hosting right now!

The finish on NPLC is STUNNING! Metallics can be tricky to work with due to streaking, but this was a flawless application. I decided to add a little bit of nail art, so I cut a piece of tape in half and taped diagonally across my nail. I used NPLC as the base and painted Lights over top of the tape. The trick with tape mani's is to take the tape off quickly to get a nice, clean line. 

I followed this up with dots of opposing colors on each side with two coats of Dazzle Dry Top Coat.

I'm really loving this combination and it matches this adorable bathing suit I picked up from Target the other day!

What colors are you wearing for summer? Thoughts on the new Essie collection?

That's all for me for tonight. I've got a busy day of getting boxes and starting packing again tomorrow! Until next time


  1. Catherine MUAJuly 31, 2012 7:46 PM

    Wow that silver looks amazing! and this combination is perfect, Total Love!

    1. Kim (College Polished)August 13, 2012 8:32 AM

      Thanks girl! It's probably one of my favorite combos ever!