Monday, March 25, 2013

Beauty Box 5 Review

*Products received for consideration*

Hi dolls! Today I've got something a little different and new to College Polished -- a beauty subscription review! A little while back I recieved a box to review from Beauty Box 5 that I'm going to share with you today.

BB5 is a monthly subscription serivce that delivers a sample box of all things beauty. For a small monthly fee of $12, you'll receive 4-5 samples of makeup, skin care, fragrance and everything in between! Best of all, these samples are delivered right to your door with beauty tips and tricks on how to get the most out of your samples." This is my one of two beauty subscriptions I've tried and this was pretty great!, so let's get started!

First up, we've got Pūr~lisse pūr~delicate, a gently soy dleanser and makeup Remover. This was a lot more moisturizing then any other makeup remover or cleanser I've used, but at the same time very light and clean. I'm always wary about using new products around my eyes, but this was gentle enough that it didn't irritate me! To use, simply dampen skin to remove impurities and makeup then rinse with warm water. I might splurge on this once or twice.

Full size price: $36.00 for 5.6 oz
Sample Price: 1.7 oz for ~ $11.00

Next up we've got Bodyography Foundation Primer. I've always been pretty basic when it comes to my makeup routine despite my growing stash of makeup. Mascara, eyeliner, lip balm and go. Lately though, I've been branching out and using more foundations and eye products so I was happy to see this in the box! Living in Florida I need something to help my makeup stay all day and this is it. It smells like a light aloe vera and didn't leave an oily residue on my face. A little bit goes a loooooong way and I love that about products! Most likely would repurchase!

Full size price: $30.00 for 1.0 oz
Sample Price: .53 oz ~ $13.00

Now that our face is taken care of, it's time to move on to the eyes! Blinc Mascara in black is a new to me type of mascara. They're claim to fame is to stop painting your lashes and tube them. The water-resistant, smudge and clump proof formula provides decent coverage and volume. Instead of using makeup remover to remove it, you pull at your lashes with your nails and warm water. I can't. I just have a thing with pulling my eyelashes that gives me the willies. It's an interesting concept though because you can see the little tubes when you pull them out. Due to the removal, I do not see myself repurchasing this item.

Full Size Price: $26.00 for 0.21 oz
Sample Price: 0.02 oz for ~ $5

Rounding out the eye products is a pair of Lash Cards, a small curved piece of cardboard that slides behind the lashes to prevent smudging and clumping while applying. I orgiainally though these would be amazing for me because I ALWAYS get mascara on my eyelids and have to clean up with a Q-tip and help with touch-ups during the day. Wrong. These were so difficult to use and its awkward to hold it while holding your mascara wand and then you have to put the bottle down. Too much work, ain't nobody got time for dat. I can see these working for others, maybe it's just me and I'm too clumsy I don't know. Would not repurchase.

Full Size Price: $6.99 for a pack of 10
Sample Price: 1 pack for ~ $0.69

Last but certainly not least, we've got a great product for lips -- City Lips Collagen Enhanching Lip Treatment. "Advanced formula uses the most powereful combination of collagen peptides and hyaluronic acid. Together [they] are proven to be the most effective for instant and long lasting results." This chick here already has big lips, but I'll never say no to a little boost! City Lips has a really great formula that isn't too sticky with a slightly sweet smell that really does provide noticeable results. The brush applicator makes for easy application and no mess even with it being very sticky.

Full Size Price: $35.00 for 5 mL
Sample Price: 1.5 mL for ~$16.00

The total of the items sent was $45.69 compared to the $12 a month price so all in all a great selection of products well over the price of the box! You can sign up for your monthly box here and you must sign up for the 14th of the month to get the current month's box and can cancel at any time. Currently shipping to US and Canada only, sorry international ladies! 

What do you think? Will you be signing up for next months box? Let me know!

*All products sent for my review and consideration. All opinions are 100% my own.*


  1. I LOVE Blinc mascara, it's the only one that does not give me raccoon eyes. You don't need to pull on your eyelashes to remove it though, I remove it like any other mascara, with makeup remover and a cotton pad. But you really only need water to remove it, so a wet cotton pad will do it.

  2. Kelly - Peace Love LacquerMarch 27, 2013 at 1:13 PM

    Hmm, I may have to give the City Lips a try!! That's a great value for a $12 box!! I may have to sign up since I am trying to grow my make-up skills :)