Thursday, March 21, 2013

College Polished Gets a Makeover!

Hi dolls! I know, I know. I officially fail as a blogger. Unfortunately life has been insanely hectic and blogging fell to the wayside once again. Now that I've found a steady job (YAY!!! BREAK OUT THE WINE) at a cute little salon I've got a solid schedule where I can fit in some blogging! 

In other AMAZING news, as you might be able to tell College Polished got a little bit of a makeover. Part of my reasoning for slumping along in blogging is because I just felt the blog was so... meh. But now?!?! To die for! One of my besties, the lovely and talented Kelly from Peace Love Lacquer was kind enough to make me the gorgeous banner you see above and on Facebook, as well as the ADORABLE little social media icons to the right! She also made me a button that you lovely readers can grab and post on your blogs! I seriously couldn't be happier and am so thankful to have such an amazing friend :D

Be sure to stick check out the social media buttons and follow College Polished on Instagram, Pinterest and Bloglovin'! Also stay tuned tomorrow for two very different reviews -- a beauty subscription box and a skin care review!


  1. Budget Splurge BeautyMarch 22, 2013 at 8:39 AM

    Really loving the new look!

  2. GORGEOUS new look!